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Why You Need Vitamin D in lockdown

Are you getting the vitamin D you need during this lockdown? You probably aren't. Since we're spending so much time in our houses, we aren't getting to see the sun nearly as much as we should. Even those of us with a garden aren't safe! We have to worry about the unpredictable UK weather! But [...]

Why You Need Vitamin D in lockdown2021-12-05T13:31:22+00:00

Microblading: It’s an Emotional Rollercoaster!

So you've been thinking about trying out Microblading for your eyebrows? You finally decide to take the plunge. It's all so exciting! The next decision: who do I go to? What style should I have? An ombre? Hair-stroke? And what is this Phibrows thing? It’s all so confusing! You browse through a few Instagram accounts [...]

Microblading: It’s an Emotional Rollercoaster!2020-05-21T20:57:28+00:00

Microneedling: the Anti-Ageing Superhero

We all want to fight ageing, whether it’s trying to turn the clock back a couple of years or prevent those pesky fine lines from popping up too prematurely. And it’s your skin that gives away your biggest secret. Regular facials, a great skincare regime, a good diet and plenty of water can do wonders, [...]

Microneedling: the Anti-Ageing Superhero2020-05-21T21:01:24+00:00



Hello, my name is Nita McEvoy and for over 20 years, I have specialised in a wide and wonderful variety of beauty and skincare techniques to help women and men look and feel amazing.

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