Dear Practitioners, Industry Colleagues and Clients,

In recent times, the industry of fat-dissolving aesthetic products has faced increasing stress due to the proliferation of counterfeit items, specifically those branded under the Lemon Bottle Brand, a product I’ve worked closely with as a Master Trainer. While Lemon Bottle does not directly employ me, I maintain a professional relationship with its management while running my independent training school and clinic.

We have observed a worrying surge in counterfeit Lemon Bottle products sold through e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, Global Sources, Amazon, and eBay. It is crucial to understand that Lemon Bottle products are only sold through vetted and authorised distributors, including well-known pharmacies with direct personal links with the brand. Lemon Bottle has never, and will never, authorised sales through the aforementioned online platforms.

The risk of acquiring fake products at a lower price is significant, and it’s worth noting that these imitations are alarmingly convincing. Such purchases not only jeopardise your clients’ safety but also your credibility as a professional. 

The recent negative press around these counterfeits, compounded by findings from Swiss lab tests and the Irish HPRA Authority, has eroded client confidence and negatively impacted our businesses. Concerns have been raised about these counterfeit products containing caffeine—a substance NOT used in authentic Lemon Bottle products.

To protect yourself and your practice, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Purchase only from authorised outlets: Never buy Lemon Bottle products from unauthorised e-commerce sites or social media platforms.
  • Verify product authenticity: Genuine Lemon Bottle products should have specific packaging features, including a silver security sticker with a correct QR code. 
  • Counterfeit products often come in glossy packaging or double shrink wrap: If the QR code directs you to any site other than the official, the product is not genuine.
  • Maintain rigorous documentation: Ensure a robust system for informed consent, qualifications, insurance, and a paper trail of all purchases.

This is a critical time for all practitioners to remain vigilant and informed. By adhering to these practices, you safeguard your clients and support the integrity of our industry. If in doubt about the authenticity of a product, please refrain from purchasing it.

Stay safe and vigilant, 

Nita x