Getting a tattoo is not an instant decision. Well, the idea of a tattoo is usually pretty instant but choosing the design and the artist takes a little longer. No matter how old you are when you get your tattoo, it’s a long and expensive process but it’s for good. Once that design is inked into your skin, you’re going to have to live with it, right?


One of the best things that you can do for a tattoo that you no longer love, is have it removed. Tattoo removal is a big decision, and I can offer you an effective tattoo removal solution for your body tattoo. Whether you have a large area of your skin covered in detailed designs, or you have something smaller and simpler, I’ve got the best options. I use the Apollo Saturn 2 with NDYag laser for body tattoo removal. I use topical pain relief and while tattoo removal always comes with the risk that you cannot remove 100% of it, it’s still an effective treatment that works for most people.

Tattoos are repeated injections of ink into the skin, and it takes time to get them right. People get their tattoos for a variety of reasons, from social ones to cultural ones. Tattoos go back centuries, but tattoo removal is still a relatively new process. If you really want to have your body tattoo removed, you should think about contacting some of the best in the industry. Not all tattoos can be removed with direct excision, but laser therapy with the Q-Switched Apollo Saturn 2 with NDYAG laser is one of the best options. The ink is targeted in the skin, and the pigment absorbs thermal injury before undergoing destruction. The tattoo then breaks apart and starts to fade out. The larger the tattoo, the more treatments it’ll need and the more time it’ll take to make it fade.

Why I use a Q-Switched Laser

The Q-Switched lasers are one of the leading lasers and beauty specialists use them for body tattoo removal because they’re the best. The energy of the NDYag laser can be absorbed by the ink in the skin, and the melanin fragments so small they can then be ingested out of the body. There’s an auto-shutoff design and the laser pulse energy are strengthened in a way that removes pigment completely and doesn’t leave you scarred as a result.

Your comfort, your skin, and the way it looks matters. If you want body tattoo removal, you must think about the result you want and whether you have the time to put in to get everything removed precisely. Having a tattoo is a long and sometimes painful process, so be aware that removing one is a similar process. Following the advice of your beauty specialist when you have your tattoo removed, you should have smooth, clear, and tattoo-free skin as long as you follow the aftercare advice.

Is this treatment for you?

If this is the first time you’ve considered wrinkle treatments, then you’ll naturally have questions. Please call my PA Michele on 0208 440 8893 so she may book you in for an Aesthetic Consultation.