Hi, I’m Nita McEvoy and welcome to my Microblading Course where you’ll learn everything you need to know about this in-demand cosmetic procedure. We’ll cover Microblading from all angles, from what it is and how to do it, to how to provide a first-class experience for clients and how to build your own business.

As a beauty professional, you have the power to help people feel happier and more confident about their appearance. By adding Microblading to your services, you’ll have the opportunity to truly change lives.

Learning Outcomes      

During this course, you’ll learn about:

  • The art and the science behind Microblading,
  • The practical needs, including legislation, your equipment, licences, insurance, and health & safety,
  • The personal element of treatments including how to understand your clients’ needs and build trust,
  • Microblading tools (you’ll practice hair stroke patterns on latex)
  • Performing safe and effective Microblading treatments on



This course is accredited by:


T: 0203 745 6463

W: www.cpdstandards.com

Medical Disclaimer

Please ensure that you take medical advice in the event that either you or your client have a health problem that may compromise the delivery of a safe treatment.

Any qualification from Nita McEvoy School of Advanced Beauty & Aesthetics does not qualify you to advise or diagnose any medical condition.

Are you insured?

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have adequate insurance while learning a new skill and before you attend the practical part of this course, as you will be working on live models.

Many insurance providers will cover you while you’re a student. You can then upgrade your policy after you’ve qualified and have started making an income from your new skill.

Please submit a copy of your insurance certificate to me before attending the practical training day.

For more details, please see the section “Insurance”.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Nita McEvoy Nita McEvoy Author

Microblading Explained

The Practitioner

The Client

Record Keeping

Health & Safety

The Science of the Skin

Face Shapes & Brow Shapes

How to create the perfect brow

How to select the right brow colour

Pre-treatment advise to clients

Carrying out a safe and effective treatment

Building up your Microblading business

Final Exam

This section does not have any lessons.

Student Feedback

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