As we age, our body doesn’t quite work in the ways we like, like when we were younger. Our Oestrogen levels change with age, causing hair to thin — and I’m not just talking about the hair on your head, either! Your eyebrows also feel the effects of the passage of time. What were once full, fluffy brows become mere wisps.

This loss of eyebrow hair could be due to natural ageing, or as a result of over-plucking during your youth. Our brows are a key feature of the face. They can make our noses look straighter and narrower. They make our eyes appear less puffy and lifted. Plus, if done well, they draw focus to the eyes, too! And studies have shown that eyes are the most attractive part of our faces! All of this gives you a youthful, alluring appearance.

The colour of your brows also plays a big part in your look. Too light and you lose definition. Too dark can appear angry and overpowering, taking the attention away from your eyes. 

Most people end up reaching for an eyebrow pencil or powder to help alter the colour and create a fuller brow to recapture a more youthful look. Thankfully, there is a more permanent solution, meaning you can throw those pencils away!

Microblading is a life-saver, helping to slow the clock right down and keep yourself looking younger for longer. When Microblading, I design the brow to match your natural facial dimensions. I take into account the brow bone, eyes and nose to perfectly style and fit your brows to suit your individual look. No two eyebrows are the same, so I tailor the treatment to your unique beauty.

Book a Microblading consultation with me today to get that effortless “I woke up like this” brow beauty!