Flirty, Thirty and Thriving… The best solution to get your glow!

Profhilo is a brand new, transformative technique that I use to rehydrate, replenish and rejuvenate my clients skin. Most of the people who come to see me do not want a full surgical solution; these are often lengthy, invasive and expensive procedures. Profhilo is an amazing option for people who are after a subtle, long-lasting improvement.

I often recommend this treatment for my clients who are over thirty and under fifty. The main aim of Profhilo is to rejuvenate skin and make it appear more glowing and youthful, so it would not be as effective on skin that is already youthful! In addition, Profhilo was not created with older skin in mind, but it can still be used on older clients. It is most effective on mild to moderately wrinkled skin. But don’t worry, if you feel that this product isn’t right for you, I have plenty of other options designed with fifty + skin in mind!

The main benefit of Profhilo is that it works by triggering a response from the body to start naturally producing collagen types from one to four. This means that the results from the appointment will be visible within one week, with the full results after four weeks and the booster session. These results are maintained for four months before there begins to be a loss of collagen in that area, and results will have completely faded one year after the initial appointment. I can offer booster sessions four months after the initial appointment, but of course, these will have to be dependent on another consultancy session with me.

If you want moisturised, hydrated skin and a gentle glow from within, this could be the perfect solution for you. Is this treatment what you have been looking for? Call my now to book in your Aesthetic consultation with me on: 020 8440 8893

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