When it comes to healthy, amazing skin, toner has to be a part of your plan. Most of us underestimate which skincare products we need when it comes to looking after our skin. There are even some people out there who don’t realise the importance of toning and what toner can do for your skin. The absence of toner, however, is something that can have a negative effect on your entire skincare routine.

What is toner?

Skin toner is a product that’s fairly watery in consistency and it’s because it’s made of mostly water. It’s also got anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant ingredients that are designed to help your skin and hydrate it. The whole point of facial toner is to give your skin a hydration boost, and sweep away skin cells, dirt, and any impurities that your face wash and cleanser didn’t quite catch and to bring your skin back to its natural acidic state, which helps your skin to absorb the next round of products.

How does toner benefit your skin?

Toners are a necessary part of your skincare routine. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Your pores will appear smaller, preventing future breakouts
  • Your natural pH in your skin is restored and it’s an instant thing!
  • Your skin hydration is boosted with toners acting as a humectant. This helps the moisture to remain in the skin.
  • It’ll cleanse. As with cleansers, toners are able to cleanse your skin beyond what your face wash can do.
  • It’ll help with some skin issues. If you are looking for anti-aging properties, toner is going to help you out there! It’s something you can also change seasonally with the weather.

Which toner should you use?

Your facial toner choice is going to be based on the correct skin type and what your skin needs. There are so many different options out there and they depend on your skin type and whether it’s acne-prone, sensitive, dry, or normal. You might have heard the routine of ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ and if so, you need to make sure that the toner you choose is the right step to further cleansing your skin.

Cleansing is an integral part of your skincare routine, but it’s toner that closes refines the pores and brings it back to its correct pH. You need your skin to effectively absorb moisturiser and the right toner will help you to do just that. Finding one that contains glycolic acids will help you to remove the oils on your skin and keep your pores cleaned. Any toner that contains alcohol is to be avoided, though, as this can irritate and hurt your skin in the long term.

Your skin is important. It should be looked after just like any other part of your body. With the right toner in your skincare routine, you’re going to keep your skin healthy and always hydrated. You will be able to feel confident again – and you are worth the investment.

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