DesoFace Protocol

Product Quantity for Double Chin Per injection point: 0.3ml (30 insulin units) to the double chin. Maximum of 20 injection points.

Maximum use on double chin: 6ml

Product Quantity for fat pockets on other parts of face per injection point: 0.2ml (20 insulin units)

Maximum use to whole face area on one session: 1 vial/bottle(10ml) per session

Space your grid on the target areas of the face into 1x1cm squares.

DesoBody Protocol

Product Quantity per injection point: 0.3ml (30 insulin units)

Space your grid on the target areas of the face into 1.5×1.5 cm squares.

It is recommended to not treat more than one treatment area at a time with Deso products. Treating multiple treatment locations at one time can put too much pressure on the body to break down and remove the fat cells effectively, as the body has to often work harder than it is capable of, resulting in poor results. Treating areas in separate treatment slots allow the body to work at optimal levels, giving the best outcome for your client. 

If you wish to do multiple locations do not target more than two areas on the same day. Alternate your treatments by offering one area on week one and then a second area a week later. This gives best results.

Maximum DesoBody used per targeted area: 3 vials/bottles (30ml)

Maximum Areas to be treated on one day: 2 Areas Should the client want to target two areas, encourage them to split the treatments so that you treat one area at a time with a gap of a week to allow the body to do its work to flush out the treated fat, yet also have a rest.

Maximum Deso products to be used in total across the body on the same day: 6 vials/bottles (60ml)

This service can be repeated for 4- 6 week intervals.


Deso suggested usage per session



number of injection points

Approximate dose per injection point (insulin unit)Approximate dose per injection point (ml) Total Amount used  (ml)
Double Chin 20 20-30 0.2- 0.3 4-6
Abdomen 40 30 0.3 12
Love Handles 20 per side 30 0.3 6 per side
Upper Arms 12 per arm 30 0.3 3.6 per arm
Outer Thighs  20 per thigh 30 0.3 6 per thigh
Inner Thighs 20 per thigh 30 0.3 6 per thigh


Suggested treatment Plans for Deso Treatments

AreaNumber of SessionsSession Intervals in weeks
Double Chin2-44
Love Handles2-56
Upper Arms2-44
Outer Thighs 3-56-7
Inner Thighs4-74-5