Since Lemon bottle Lipolysis requires less injection points but uses larger quantities of product administered per point, I recommend that you use a larger syringe loader. For this reason, the procedure protocol for Lemon Bottle Lipolysis will be explained in ml measurements and not insulin units.

2-3 ml syringe loaders are perfect for controlling and measuring the amount of product you are injecting, as you will be injecting a minimum of 2 ml per injection point in any given area. Take into consideration the area that you are injecting, how many points, and how much product to decide how big your loader will be. A simple overview of recommended usage will be broken down into a table for you to refer to later in this section. 

Once you have administered the Lemon bottle product, lightly massage the area to encourage the product to flood over all the fat cells to give optimum results. This is especially important when treating the body.


Lemon Bottle Usage per session


Area Number of injection points Approximate dose per injection point (ml) Amount injected in


Total amount used in vials/bottles
Double Chin 5-8 1.5 – 2 10-15 1-1½ 
Abdomen 8-10 3-4 30-40 3-4
Love Handles 4-6 per side 3-4 15-25 per side 3-5
Upper Arms 3-4 per arm 4-5 10-15 per arm 2-3
Outer Thighs  5-7 per thigh 2-4 10-20 per thigh 2-4
Inner Thighs 5-7 per thigh 2-4 10-20 per thigh 2-4


A suggested treatment or package plan would be 3-6 sessions with 1-2 week intervals for any targeted area.