Aftercare Instructions

While you can never guarantee results, you can recommend an aftercare regime, which should help maintain the treatment and achieve the best possible outcome.

I normally give my client the following as an aftercare kit with the aftercare leaflet:

  • 5 x individually wrapped sterile water wipes
  • 1 sachet of sterile petroleum jelly
  • 3-4 clean cotton buds

Here’s an example of the aftercare instructions to give to every client:

Aftercare is key to minimising the risk of infection and ensuring good colour retention. Please keep the area clean and do not pick at it, your treatment will heal quickly and look beautiful.

●        You may notice whiteness or blanching around the area. This is quite normal and will subside within a few hours.

●        The area may still be numb and slightly swollen. The numbing will subside within a couple of hours. The swelling should subside within 2 days.

●        In some cases, there may be bruising. This should last no longer than 1 week.

●        If the area weeps, you can gently blot the area with tissue to remove the moisture. Do not rub.

●        You will be given an aftercare pack containing aftercare wipes and a petroleum jelly ointment for the eyebrows. When using the ointment, please use it sparingly.

●        30 minutes after the treatment, with clean, washed hands use one aftercare wipe to clean both eyebrows. Repeat every 2-3 hours on the first day of your treatment. Use the fine layer of petroleum jelly with a clean cotton bud after you clean the eyebrows with the aftercare wipe.

●        Please treat the area delicately for the following 5-7 days, keeping the area as dry as possible. Only apply the petroleum jelly if needed in the days after your treatment if the skin feels tight or itchy in the area.

●        Please ensure that you use a new cotton bud every time you use the petroleum jelly and don’t re-dip the cotton bud into the balm.

●        Overuse of the petroleum jelly may lift the pigment and affect pigment retention.

●        You must not apply makeup for 24 hours after your treatment.

●        Do not exercise for the first 24-48 hours as the area needs to stay clean and free of excess sweat.

●        Any tweezing, waxing, facial hair tinting, or eyelash curling should be done 1 week post procedure.

●        Limit sun exposure and sunbeds for three weeks and no fake tan should be applied for the first 48 hours.




Your procedure is not deemed complete until you have had both treatments, therefore your second visit must be booked after 4-5 weeks and no later than 3 months from the time of the first treatment. If it’s after 3 months, it will be deemed as a chargeable re-touch treatment.



●        Consider using a daily sunscreen. Sun exposure will fade your procedure and the colour may change.

●        Strong chemical or glycolic/acid peels of any kind may cause the pigment to lighten.

●        To maintain the appearance of your Microblading treatment, a retouch procedure will be required every 12-18 months. Should you not maintain the treatment within these guidelines, you’ll be required to have a full Microblading treatment at the full price.

●        The Red Cross advises that you do not give blood for at least 4 months after your treatment.

●        Should you fall pregnant during your treatment course, it is your responsibility to inform the clinic immediately and cancel any booked appointments. You may then re-commence after the pregnancy and once you are no longer breast-feeding.

Methods of delivering your aftercare advice

Aftercare advice can be given verbally, with an information leaflet. It’s advised that you ask your client to sign to say that they have received and understood their aftercare, so that you are protected.

The aftercare can also be automated on your Gettimely system and emailed to the client immediately upon the completion of the appointment. This gives you supporting evidence that the client has been given aftercare instructions.

Pro Tip: Do a combination of all three methods of aftercare delivery. Explain the aftercare at the end of the treatment and have an aftercare information leaflet should they require. Normally, most clients are happy with the email aftercare instructions that’s sent to them immediately after the appointment.