The eyebrow colour you choose will depend on the client’s skin undertone. You should explain to the client that it’s important to find and match their undertone to their brow. The natural brow colour plus the undertone will equal the result.

Brown Colour Eyebrows


Cool Undertones Warm Undertones Neutral Undertones
Pink or red undertones require a cool brown with a yellow base.


Blue undertones require a warm brown or neutral brown with a warm modifier.

Yellow undertones require a warm brown or a neutral brown with a warm modifier to avoid unwanted greyish results.


Golden red undertones require a brown with a yellow base.

This undertone doesn’t have a predominately cool or warm undertone. An olive undertone may require a mixture of warm and cool colour undertones.

Skin tones are made up of combinations of pink, brown, yellow, blue, purple, and white.


Skin tones come from three pigments found naturally in the skin, Melanin- Brown, Carotene – Yellow and Haemoglobin – Red.


The skin also acts as a filter. The skin tone under the surface will determine if you are a warm – yellow or a cool – blue.


Everyone has blue and yellow undertones; however, the quantity of each varies from person to person.


Types of skin tone


  • Sallow skin – this skin appears yellow, pale and dull, and lost its natural radiance
  • Translucent skin – is blue, extreme white or extreme black.
  • Olive skin – is blue-green, green, yellow-green, and can vary.
  • Peaches and Cream skin – This is red-orange, yellow-orange, or varied.
  • Rosy-Red skin – is ruddy, spotty, pink, or red.
  • Translucent skin – this can be violet, blue-violet or red-violet.




Quick Skin Undertone test:


Section A:

  1. My eyes are dark hazel, black or brown.
  2. My skin tans easily.
  3. I tan to a golden bronze.
  4. I have chestnut brown, auburn, copper, or golden-brown hair.
  5. I like to wear brown or orange-coloured clothes.
  6. I wear coral, orange-red, and brown-toned lipstick.
  7. I wear bronze or brown blushers.
  8. I prefer brown or tortoiseshell glasses.
  9. My grey hair is more cream-coloured than salt and pepper.
  10. I wear coral, orange-red, brown-toned nail polish.
  11. I prefer to wear cream instead of white-coloured clothes.


Section B:

  1. My eyes are grey, green, or blue.
  2. My skin burns easily in the sun.
  3. I tan to a reddish-brown.
  4. I have sun-kissed blonde, sandy brown, strawberry blonde, black, dark or ash brown hair.
  5. I like to wear purple, pink, and blue-coloured clothing.
  6. I wear deep red, plum, or pink lipsticks.
  7. I wear pink or plum blushers.
  8. I like to wear red, plum, or mauve nail polish.
  9. I prefer black glasses.
  10. My grey hair is more salt and peppery than cream coloured.
  11. I prefer to wear white to cream-coloured clothes.

If you picked mostly answers in section A, you have warm undertones.

If you picked mostly answers in section B, then you have cool undertones.