Client Suitability

Did you know that the correct client selection is often the most overlooked part of any treatment in our field? It is more beneficial for your work and your reputation if you are known to be realistic with your client’s expectations. In Lemon Bottle and other fat-dissolving treatments, you must factor in lifestyle choices and client dedication to complete the course of injections when assessing if this client will achieve the best results from their sessions with you. 

This type of service is simply not exceedingly effective as a one-off standalone service and many clients will often be disappointed with the results if presented this way. This may lead to some negative feedback for yourself and your client not feeling their absolute best after treatment, which is never what we aim for. 

If you are clear with your client that with a good plan, small lifestyle changes and a willingness to work on a course of action the results are much more rewarding and sustainable, and a better experience will be had by all.