When we administer fat dissolving products, we are always working on the subcutaneous level of the skin, where the unwanted fat pockets reside.

A subcutaneous injection is usually given at a 45- to 90-degree angle. For clients with little subcutaneous fat, it is always best to insert the needle at a 45-degree angle. Subcutaneous injections are based on the amount of subcutaneous fat present. Shorter needles are given at a 90-degree angle and longer needles at a 45-degree angle.

If in doubt, always inject at 45 degrees to target the fat at the correct depth. It also gives good needle control in all treatment areas,  delivering a smooth glide when entering into and out of the skin.

I would recommend the use of  fine needles when administering a lipolysis product. These would include 29g or 30g insulin or mesotherapy needles. Using fine needles reduces discomfort, skin damage and risk of bruising.

My personal preference is a 30g 13mm needle for fat dissolving treatments.

To give an accurate deposit of the lipolysis product and to avoid creating nodules, the product should be injected at a depth of 6-12mm depending on fat amount in the target area. 

A 13mm long needle gives good control, with the use of a 1ml syringe which allows you to inject at least 3 target sites per syringe. 

Some practitioners may prefer to use a larger syringe loader with a detachable needle, this is also an acceptable practice. However, be mindful when using a larger syringe loader to ensure that you control the product and do not over administer when using Aqualyx and Deso products. Lemon Bottle does not require such a strict or accurate protocol in terms of the volume injected at one site, as it is designed to overflow and flood the area and target the fat cells, without causing disruption to other skin anatomy.

Also be mindful about changing your needle head regularly to ensure they are the sharpest possible, especially when using a larger syringe loader. Needles can become blunt very quickly with the resistance of entering the skin multiple times. Blunt needles create discomfort and increase risk of bruising. 

Due to the nature of the treatment once the lipolysis products are injected, an inflammatory response and swelling often occur, which usually subside within a few hours to a day.