You should take all possible measures to avoid cross contamination in the procedure, which can occur if:

  • one or more operators share the same equipment or materials.
  • clean and used instruments encounter one another.
  • clean instruments are placed on unclean surfaces.
  • strict operator hygiene is not observed.
  • contaminated dressings and/or disposable gloves are not disposed of immediately.
  • structural facilities, furnishings, and fittings of the premises are not adequately protected, or thoroughly cleaned between clients.

Practitioners must be aware of the potential for unprotected surfaces and equipment becoming contaminated with blood during a procedure. Some examples of how this can occur are:

  • Adjusting overhead light fittings
  • Answering phones
  • Touching bottles or trays
  • Touching bins lids
  • Adjusting furniture and equipment

Should you need to carry out any of the above steps during the procedure, you must change your gloves before recommencing the treatment.