DesoBody and DesoFace work by inducing adipo cytolysis to disrupt the cell membrane. DesoFace’ unique selling point is its ability to be used, you guessed it, on the face unlike many other alternatives. This product is known to effectively remove stubborn fat from the lower part of the face including the jowl, jawline and excess to the lower cheeks. 

Deso comes in two different products: DesoFace & DesoBody

DesoFace – the concentration of DesoFace is 0.5% deoxycholate acid and safe for administering to areas including the facial contour, jowl and chin area. 

DesoBody – is a stronger concentration of deoxycholate acid at 1.25% this is a higher strength than Aqualyx which is only 0.75% therefore often aids better results. 

Deso is often the cheaper product of the two being able to purchase 5 x 10ml vials for around £70.

A further comparison between Aqualyx and Deso is the pain management element. Many clients have experienced treatments with both products, with and without pain relief. Although I would always advise that you add the use of Lidocaine to ensure as comfortable of an experience for your client as possible. However for therapists who are unable to access lidocaine, or for clients who have possible allergies or are perhaps hoping for minimal swelling, Deso is a far more comfortable product to inject without the added element of Lidocaine.

Deso is a CE approved product licenced for the use of dissolving fat. It’s classed as a medical product but does not require to be purchased with a prescription. Price for a box of 5 vials currently markets around £70.