There are three main levels of the client treatment journey that we use to determine how much product will be delivered in the target treatment site. These include:

  • The inch of pinchWhen you pinch the target area, and you have at least an inch of fat, or if this is the clients first treatment, when there is the most fat quantity present.
  • Less than inch of pinch
  • Remaining fat layer

We will use the above three levels to determine how many units to administer when using each lipolysis product for the client

Target Sites

When marking up our target sites we are going to create a grid in small 1 cm square areas as well as   larger areas 1.5cm squared. The treatment will be administered in the centre of each box to allow the product to disperse evenly under the skin of the target area. The body being injected with a product is likely to cause inflammation, so I would advise that you only  treat one area at a time to achieve maximum results and the best client experience. Over treating can cause under healing and ineffective or poor results.