Touch-ups are done about 4-6 weeks from the initial procedure to complete the full treatment of Microblading. Some clients are satisfied with their brows after just the first session.

The follow up treatments normally take around 1 hour to complete and should usually be included in your full microblading service and price. The follow up corrects any irregularities in the strokes, colour tones and finishes the process. You’ll mainly go over previous strokes or parts of a stroke that the pigment didn’t quite deposit well, or strokes that may have completely disappeared.

Follow-up procedures require the same aftercare as the original procedure, but the healing process doesn’t usually take as long.

Maintenance treatments/colour boosts

Generally, Microblading treatments last well for 12-18 months. Clients with active lifestyles or oily skin types may need to be topped up a little earlier than this. An older or dry skin may feel they’re still going strong at 18 months.

The client will know that they need to have a colour boost/top up treatment when the colour starts to fade, some strokes begin to disappear, and the brow looks a little patchy.