Clients may experience different results when using specific products. If a client wishes to change products, adapt their service, or you wish to use an alternative product it is advised to wait four weeks before changing brands.

I recommend that you wait four weeks before repeating a service in any treatment zone for Aqualyx and Deso products. Lemon Bottle treatments can be done weekly. 

Fat dissolving is an inflammatory process that needs time to work and recover. This treatment is not a quick fix, and results will not be seen straight away. The best results are often seen between 21 and 45 days.

It is an option to treat two different areas at the same time with two different products, for example the face with Desoface and the tummy with Aqualyx, but I still advise treating one area at a time as it generally aids the best results and won’t overwork or strain the body in the process of breaking down the fat cells.