Protecting yourself & protecting your client

To ensure both you and your clients are protected, you should ensure that you take out insurance.

In my view, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance are non-negotiable. But there are various other types of cover that may be relevant to you.

Public Liability Insurance: this covers you if a member of the public, i.e., a client or passer-by is injured on your premises, or if their personal property is damaged in any way.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: this protects you should a client sue you claiming personal injury or damage because of treatments you carried out.

Employer’s Liability Insurance: this is only necessary if you hire others to work for you. This type of insurance would cover you should a member of your staff sustain an injury on your premises.

Product Liability Insurance: -this insurance is important if you plan to use, manufacture, or sell products as part of your business. This will protect you if a client is dissatisfied with the product or experiences a reaction to using the product.

Car Insurance:  if you use a car for business purposes, ensure that this is covered by the policy and that theft of equipment is included.

**Please remember that the terms and conditions of this course state that it’s your responsibility to obtain correct and adequate insurance to attend the practical element of this course and  perform Microblading procedures on clients. **

Here are a list of suggested insurance companies/brokers should you want to get specialist quotes:

  • Professional Beauty Direct
  • MOVO
  • Tower Gate
  • Finch Insurance Group
  • Hamilton Fraser