Lidocaine can be purchased in 1% but will not be strong enough to alleviate pain in full when carrying out treatments with Aqualyx or Deso products. 2% Lidocaine is required to sufficiently reduce discomfort in a fat dissolving treatment with Aqualyx and Deso based products.

4% lidocaine is at times available on the current market but is not appropriate nor is it insurable for this service. 

Some therapists give substitutes to Lidocaine such as saline solution/TorBac. These are not suitable for reducing discomfort of treatments with Aqualyx and Deso products. Saline solution does not provide a pain block, it simply dilutes the product down, and with that, resulting in less effective treatment outcomes. 

Lidocaine is a prescription only medication (POM) and requires a prescription specific directive in order to administer the product. It is advised to find a suitable prescriber in your local area who is happy to prescribe this POM for use within your clinic. Lidocaine is available at all major aesthetic pharmacies and  most keep stock available for next day delivery.