Patch Testing

Patch testing is VITAL with your clients. The safest way to ensure clients will not have reactions to the products you use within your service.

Lemon Bottle, Aqualyx & Deso do not have any recorded serious side effects and a patch test is not required under insurance or product guidelines. 

HOWEVER when using Lidocaine in treatment administration there is an increased risk of reaction. This can be as  serious as anaphylaxis and should only be used when safe to do so. A patch is not required for the use of Lidocaine but a thorough medical questionnaire should be completed to check for potential risk of allergies. 

Lidocaine is often used in dental extractions and dermal fillers so this is a great opportunity to ask your client if they have experienced any prior complications with the product. 

Keeping treatments and clients safe should always be top priority for any therapist worth their salt. That is why I believe that you should be prepared for as many possible outcomes & scenarios as you possibly can.

This mantra has led me to qualify and offer my own HSE recognised and CPD certified Emergency First Aid course. I want to help therapists better establish the specific safety needs within their clinic. Not only does a first aid qualification protect the client, but it also protects YOU from any allegations of negligence. I have also specifically added an additional module to the course that looks in detail at the protocol when taking A.C.T.I.O.N. for anaphylaxis. Whilst anaphylaxis is rare this training is vitally important in our field due to the range of products that we work with and could save a life in the rare event should the worst happen in your clinic.