Post Treatment Healing 

This is a summary of what clients can expect in the days following their procedure and should be communicated to all clients after each treatment session:

Day 1

The freshly microbladed eyebrows may feel tender in the treatment area and may weep. This is normal and nothing to worry about. It’s important to keep the area clean and free of dirt. The client must follow the aftercare instructions given to achieve best results in healing.

Day 2-5

The brows will appear darker as the new pigment and the spotting of blood fuse together and dry. This is not the result. The client may feel worried at this point and call you. Just reassure them, of why this has happened as explained, and that this will settle down in week 2

Day 5-14

The eyebrows will start to become dry and buff away, creating a patchy look. At this point the client may worry again in fear of losing their new brows. However, this is a normal healing phase and will pass.

2 Weeks After

The scabbing is most likely over and buffed away at this point. The colour may appear very light or faint for some clients, and they may panic. This will evolve again, and the true colour will develop over the weeks to come. It’s important that you do not re-treat the client at this stage. Instead, encourage them to trust the process and allow enough time for the pigment to settle in which is a minimum of 4-5 weeks. Should the client want to fill them in with pencil while waiting for their follow up treatment, they may do so.

1 Month After

The pigment can be seen a little better and you can see the defined strokes. It might still be a little patchy but much better than it was. The skin is healed, and the pigment is settled enough for you to do a follow up treatment should it be required.