What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will you need?

  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Disposable Apron
  • Hair Net

Workstation Supplies

  • Treatment Couch
  • Stool
  • Work tray, trolley
  • Ring Light
  • Mirror
  • Sink
  • Waste bag
  • Procedure supplies
  • Sanitation supplies
  • PPE supplies

Workstation Setup

  1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20-30 seconds then put on disposable gloves.
  2. Sanitise your work area with your medical grade wipes including your bed, stool, tray, ring light, etc.
  3. Put on your PPE (apron, mask, etc.)
  4. Set up your work bed and chair. Wipe down your work bed with sanitiser wipes and place a disposable bed sheet over the entire bed to cover the top of the head where the client’s head will rest. Cover your stool.
  5. Set up your ring light. Wipe over your ring light and apply single-use barrier film on top of the areas you will be touching during the procedure.
  6. Wipe down and cover your trolley or tray with a disposable sheet such as a dental bib (which is waterproof on one side). Apply single-use barrier film on the trolley where you will pull the trolley to or away from you during treatment.
  7. Replace your gloves and then set up your work tray/trolley shelf with the items required to perform the procedure.

Client Preparation

Following the consultation and full explanation of the treatment procedure, the client should be instructed with the following guidelines before treatment commences:

  1. The client will need to remove any piercings obstructing the treatment site area.
  2. Their hair will need to be covered with a disposable head cap/net.
  3. The client should be positioned at the head of the treatment couch ensuring you have good access to the procedure area. 

You’re Positioning for the treatment

It’s best to work on the opposite side of your dominant hand during the procedure.