Pros & cons of Microblading

Microblading is safe if carried out by a skilled and knowledgeable technician who has undertaken a full client consultation prior to the procedure.

As a Microblading practitioner you should always carry out a consultation in person before beginning any treatment. During this consultation, you should discuss with your client their expectations, the likely outcomes as well as key facts about the treatment, such as healing times, touch-ups, annual maintenance appointments, longevity of the procedure and pigment colour change.

While Microblading is a safe procedure with an excellent satisfaction rate, issues can occur that are outside the control of even the most experienced and skilled technicians. These include problems with healing and colour retention caused by skin type, lifestyle factors, age and the health of the client.

The Pros:

  • Most natural looking permanent makeup technique
  • Great for men and women
  • Perfect to fill in gaps in brow hair
  • Colour can fade quicker than permanent makeup so suitable for clients that may change their brow shape often.
  • Microbladed brows fade and lighten evenly over 12-18 months.

The Cons:

  • Microblading can’t be done repeatedly without the pigment becoming shaded and the lines blurring, giving the appearance of a more powdered brow.
  • If placed too deep, it can cause scarring under the skin.
  • Colour lasts longer on mature clients due to a slow cellular turnover.