Special Treatments Licence

Microblading is considered a ‘special treatment’ and requires a specific licence for your premises, which you’ll need to obtain from your local council.

You’ll need a premises licence if you run an establishment offering any of the following special treatments:

  • Microblading
  • Massage
  • Manicure
  • Chiropody
  • Light treatments, e.g., sunbeds
  • Electric treatments, e.g., electrolysis
  • Other treatments involving heat, light or vapour, e.g., sauna or other bath treatments

In most parts of the country, you’ll need a separate licence for any skin piercing treatments, e.g., tattooing (including semi-permanent make-up procedures such as Microblading) or acupuncture. However, in Greater London (except for the City of London) special treatments registration covers these treatments.

The local authority licensing regulation 

Registration and bylaw requirements vary from council to council. It’s important that you call the Environmental Health department and ask them what their requirements are prior to application.

Why should I register?

It’s a legal requirement for anyone offering invasive treatments (that break the skin) to register for a licence with their Local Authority. Councils are cracking down on unregistered tattooists, PMU artists and aesthetic practitioners, and fines can be high.

Having a licence and displaying it for your clients to see will add to your professionalism. Councils are there to work with you, not against you. Don’t be afraid of speaking to them; they’ll give you all the advice you need.

How to apply

Contact the council in the area your premises are based to find out whether you need a licence and how much it will cost.

Your premises may be inspected before you are given a licence.

If you employ therapists carrying out special treatments, they must also register with the council under your premises licence if required.