The use of topical numbing cream is very suitable for this treatment, although unnecessary. The use of topical cream does not create an impact on the product administration itself, only the entry of the needle to the skin. Emla or LMX4 applied to the treatment area left for 30 minutes prior to starting may give a little more comfort to your client. The use of an insulin needle also reduces pain to the injection site. 

Fat dissolving with Aqualyx and Deso products can cause discomfort with a burning sensation, which is why it is highly advised to use these products with a lidocaine infusion. In the event that an allergy to lidocaine is present, fat dissolving treatments can be administered without it. Remember that it is important to prepare your client on the possible discomfort levels so that they may make an informed decision when deciding whether or not they would like to proceed with the process.

Whilst you may use topical anaesthetic cream at the injections site for Lemon Bottle treatments, Lidocaine mix/infusion are not required for Lemon Bottle fat dissolving as this product causes significantly less discomfort to administer compared to Aqualyx and Deso treatments.

You may use an ice pack on the area as soon as the treatment is complete  to soothe the area. 98% of the discomfort usually subsides within 10 minutes.