What are Fat Dissolving Treatments?

Fat-dissolving is the perfect treatment for most adults who just can’t shift stubborn fat pockets through traditional diet and exercise. Unlike invasive surgical options, fat-dissolving treatments are safe and effective and require much less recovery time. However please note that this service is not to be used as an alternative to weight loss in terms of overall physical health. You must be sure to communicate this sensitively and clearly to your client.

In order to lose one kilogram of fat you would need to burn 9000 calories, so if you are treating a client for excess fat rather than stubborn fat the results will be less effective and often disappointing. 

Your client’s fat-dissolving treatments will be more noticeable when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle in terms of exercise, increased water intake and a calorie-controlled diet will optimise results.

The wow factor of fat-dissolving therapies? These treatments reduce fat cells, permanently

Subcutaneous injections that reduce adipose tissue are often referred to as 

  • Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving (Registered Trademark Product)
  • Injection Lipolysis (Treatment Process) 
  • Mesotherapy (Treatment Process) 
  • Aqualyx (Registered Trademark Product)
  • Deso Fat Dissolving (Registered Trademark Product)
  • Lipodissolve (Product) 
  • Phosphatidylcholine (PC/PPC – Product)
  • Deoxycholate (DC – Product) 
  • Fat dissolve injections

What is lipolysis?

The hydrolysis, or degradation, of lipids into their constituent fatty acid and glycerol building blocks. Fat dissolve lipolysis results in the reduction of fat cell volume while still maintaining cell viability.  

Originally introduced by a renowned dermatologist called Dr Rittes in Sao Paulo, Brazil, fat dissolving treatments reported a reduction of infraorbital fat using direct subcutaneous injections with a product called Lipostabil®. Over time and detailed studies undertaken by Dr Rittes, we now know that a reduction in fatty tissue on hips, abdomen, flanks/love handles, bra-strap fat, buffalo humps and jowls in both men and women can be achieved.