Pigments form the basis of all permanent makeup treatments. The quality of the pigment used will determine how long the permanent makeup lasts. You should always use a high-quality pigment suitable for Microblading.

Types of pigment

Organic pigments Inorganic pigments
Organic ink is made of fruit or vegetable-based pigments, also called “lake pigments”. They’re oil dispersible, which means the colour dye will blend in with your skin more naturally with little to no clumping. Organic pigments impart very rich colour to the brows and will have a brighter colour effect as opposed to a dull, faded look. Using organic pigments gives you the confidence that your brow colour won’t change or fight with your skin tone. However, sun or chemical exposure can take away the bright colour of organic pigments very quickly.


The main ingredient of inorganic ink is iron oxide, which is often associated with other metal-containing acids such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. Inorganic ink contains preservatives, perfumes, and other additives, so can cause a severe reaction and sometimes even permanent damage if the ink isn’t applied correctly. Iron oxides are lightweight compared to organic pigments and less intense in colour than certified organic colours. Zinc oxide and iron oxide help with opacity, meaning they provide a solid colour that’s not transparent. But, because of the high iron content, eyebrow colour may change over time.


Pigments with smaller particle sizes will last longer in the skin compared to pigments with larger particle sizes. Yellow has large particle sizes, therefore yellow usually fades first. Red has small particle sizes, therefore red lasts very long in the skin.