What does a Microblading client look like?

Young or old, this specialist technique will transform the client’s look, subtly enhancing their features.

Here are some of the most common reasons why clients might be interested in Microblading:

  • They have overcome serious medical treatments, such as chemo or radiotherapy.
  • They are suffering from alopecia.
  • Their hair has started to lighten.
  • They have over-plucked.
  • They have little time for make-up due to their career or lifestyle.
  • They have allergies that prevent them from wearing conventional make-up.
  • They have an eye condition that prevents them from wearing make-up.
  • They want to look their best while working out or doing sports.
  • They want to wake up each morning looking as fabulous as they did the night before.

Talk to your client. Find out what their reasons are for wanting Microblading. This will help you help them.