So you’ve been thinking about trying out Microblading for your eyebrows? You finally decide to take the plunge. It’s all so exciting! The next decision: who do I go to? What style should I have? An ombre? Hair-stroke? And what is this Phibrows thing? It’s all so confusing!

You browse through a few Instagram accounts to see the results and read lots and lots of reviews. You compare prices and check to see if the artist is qualified, licensed and insured. Then finally, after all of that research, you decide to book a consultation…

So all of the hard work is done from your side of things. Now you’ve found a salon that you feel comfortable with. That’s crucial because let’s face it: this is your face we’re talking about! If it’s not quite right, you’re stuck with it on show, right? It makes sense for you to be careful!

So far, Microblading has been an emotional experience. I totally understand that by the time you have connected with me, you have already been on a journey, but it doesn’t stop there! Sorry, ladies…

It certainly is an emotional rollercoaster! The emotional stages of our treatment.

It is completely normal for you to have mixed feelings about your Microblading treatment the first time around. The healing process has its ups and downs, but it will all be worth it in the end!

The good news is: whilst the Microblading treatment does have a little bit of down time and different phases to go through, I will always be here for you to email or call to discuss the different phases of this journey, to put your mind at ease after the treatment.

So book a Microblading consultation now to join this emotional rollercoaster and come out the other side feeling fantastic!