We all want to fight ageing, whether it’s trying to turn the clock back a couple of years or prevent those pesky fine lines from popping up too prematurely. And it’s your skin that gives away your biggest secret. Regular facials, a great skincare regime, a good diet and plenty of water can do wonders, but you may feel you need that extra step to get your skin looking its best.

Luckily, we have a treatment that fits your anti-ageing needs: Microneedling. Its non-invasive and doesn’t include any injectables, which tend to change the authentic characteristics of the face. It can help to delay the want for Anti-wrinkle and fillers.

So how does it work I hear you cry! In simple terms, Microneedling tricks the brain into performing its own anti-ageing. It uses tiny needles to cause microscopic punctures to the skin. This then sends signals to the brain, kick-starting the healing process by stimulating collagen production in the area. We can target specific areas of the body to improve stretch marks and scars. Or, we can apply it to your whole face to stimulate blood circulation, giving your skin a plumper look.

We are all about looking younger in the most natural way. Who doesn’t want to hide the fact that we have any procedures done at all? Or make it seem like we are just one of those lucky few with naturally youthful looks?

When we use invasive procedures like Anti-wrinkle and fillers, we tend to use them around the eye area. This is because the eyes are often the biggest giveaway of age. However, the eyes are also how we show emotion and empathy. Invasive procedures can make it harder to show our emotions, which often lets people know we’ve had work done. Microneedling is great way to naturally stimulate the skin, giving you plump, hydrated skin and recapturing a youthful look.

Whether you are after some intense anti-ageing, improving your general skin condition or have acne scarring that you would like to soften, microneedling is the ticket to ultimate skin health you have been looking for. I apply a hydrating serum to your skin at the end of your treatment and send you home with plenty to get you going. After this, you will see the results within 24 hours and your skin will keep improving for the next few weeks. The results will last for months!

Microneedling improves skin hydration, tone and smoothless, making for younger-looking skin as well as helping to reduce stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, scars caused by acne and enlarged pores. So what’s stopping you?