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There are so many reasons why our faces change over time. Some of this is completely natural as, of course, ageing will change what you look like. But there are some external factors which speed up the ageing process; weight loss, exposure to UV rays and smoking to name a few. But the end result is that gravity and time begin to make cheeks sink, lips lose plumpness and skin appears saggier. Negative emotions also make their mark on your face, with frown lines, tired eyes and so on. While you are still beautiful when you are older, oftentimes people have insecurities about their face changing. This is where I come in.

The truth is, often the ageing process makes negative emotions more prevalent on people’s faces. For example, you may not be feeling tired, but if you have large eye bags due to a loss of collagen in that area, you might appear to be fatigued. While there is nothing inherently wrong with getting older and your face changing, if this is something that you feel self-conscious about, then it is something that you can change. You deserve to feel amazing and have that reflected in the way that you look.

In the past, a lack of understanding around the causes for negative emotional messages being prevalent on people’s faces meant that practitioners treated one area and ignored the rest of the face. This often meant that the end result was not subtle and that patients had an unnatural outcome. This is, in my experience, the MOST common reason that people choose not to go ahead with a treatment. But that is what is so amazing about the *-Point Face-Lift and the MD Codes technique; you can correct the area you’re concerned about but you still look like you.

I will always take you through all of my credentials in our consultation and show you examples of my work, so that you can feel secure.

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