I want to help you always look and feel your absolute best, whether you’re going for that promotion at work, looking to impress in an important meeting, are off on a hot date, or you’re planning a big night out on the town with the girls.

At my salon, I offer not only the most cutting-edge treatments currently available in the beauty industry, but also access to my 20 years of knowledge and experience, helping my clients to discover the best versions of themselves.

So, if you are looking to fight the signs of ageing, revitalise your skin, perfect your eyebrows and to reclaim your glow, call now to book your appointment.

Natural Beauty

Government Restrictions

In light of the current climate, please be aware, that in the event of a national lockdown or any restrictions on the beauty industry, no compensatory treaments or refunds will be given on pre-paid courses, pre-paid treatments or gift vouchers. Your treatments will be postponed according to government guidelines, and your gift voucher and course validity will be extended in line with any restriction or lockdown time, should it occur.

Brows & Skincare Treatments

Treat yourself with my gorgeous range of luxurious treatments. Combine relaxation with results to give your skin and brows the TLC they deserve!

Facial Toner


Eyebrow Shape £12
Lip £7
Chin £7
Sides of Face £14
Lip & Chin £10
Chin & Neck £10
Eyebrows & Lip £15
Eyebrows, Lip & Chin £17
Full Face £25


(includes consultation & full procedure)
From £395
Top-Up Treatment
(for existing clients only)
From £225

All facials are recommended as once a week for 4 weeks, then at least monthly thereafter to achieve optimum results.

Environ Youth Reset

Turns back the clock and makes you look and feel youthful by softening the appearance of fine lines, sun damage & sagging skin. This luxurious peptide and vitamin-packed facial gives you the gorgeous, youthful appearance you have been looking for.

Essential Youth Reset Facial ~ 60 mins £64
Course of 6 Treatments £320 (saving £64)
Advanced Youth Reset Facial & Neck Treatment ~ 80 mins £79
Course of 6 Treatments £395 (saving £79)

Environ Moisture Boost

Helps you to leave dry skin and fine lines behind. The hero ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, re-hydrates, moisturises and plumpens the deeper layers of your skin, giving you a gorgeous, radiant glow.

Essential Moisture Boost Facial ~ 60 mins £69
Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)
Advanced Moisture Boost Facial & Neck Treatment ~ 80 mins £89
Course of 6 Treatments £445 (saving £89)

Environ Comfort Calm

Soothes sensitive, irritated skin. This powerful combination of smart ingredients will give you a healthy radiance to make you feel like a new you.

Essential Comfort Calm Facial ~ 60 mins £69
Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)
Advanced Comfort Calm Facial & Neck Treatment ~ 80 mins £89
Course of 6 Treatments ~ £445 (saving £89)

Environ Radiance Reveal

Provides the perfect, targeted solution for sun-damaged or pigmented skin. This sumptuous combination of ingredients results in you looking radiant and feeling your best.

Essential Radiance Reveal Facial ~ 60 mins £69
Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)
Advanced Radiance Reveal & Neck Treatment ~ 80 mins £89
Course of 6 Treatments £445 (saving £89)

Environ Cool Peel Treatments

Environ’s unique Cool Peel® Technology is a revolutionary approach to peeling. It achieves the incredible results you want from your peel treatment while being gentle and friendly to your skin. The low-strength Lactic Acid encourages your skin to repair and rejuvenate, creating a smoother and tighter feel. This treatment destroys bacteria, hydrates, and removes the build-up of dead skin cells, helping you to say goodbye to dull, congested skin. Whether you are concerned about lines and wrinkles, rough or problem skin, sun damage or Rosacea, the Environ Cool Peel Treatments provides you with an intelligent skin renewal system that will safely and effectively refine, revive and brighten your complexion. You will enjoy real, long-lasting results achieved through beautiful science.

Youth Renew Cool Peel ~ 60 mins

Reduces the appearance of premature ageing, fine lines, sun damage and uneven skin complexion, helping you to feel younger for longer. Feel empowered, refreshed and vibrantly youthful with this intelligent cool peel treatment.

Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)

Moisture Boost Cool Peel ~ 60 mins

Forget all about down-time and be red-carpet ready straight away. This moisture-rich cool peel is designed to gently buff the surface of your skin to reveal your effortlessly healthy glow. Suitable all year round and with no visible peeling, the Moisture Boost Cool Peel is your perfect solution to get you feeling fantastic for your next night out.

Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)

Deep Cleansing Cool Peel ~ 60 mins

There’s no time for down time with Environ’s revolutionary Deep Cleansing Cool Peel. Suitable all year round and perfect for that special night out, this unique treatment gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin, re-energising dull, congested, breakout-prone skin. You’ll leave looking and feeling radiantly healthy and refreshed.

Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)

Bright Recovery Cool peel ~ 60 mins

This subtle cool peel gently and delicately revitalises your skin to reduce the appearance of premature ageing, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Protect and repair your skin from the results of excessive sun exposure and feel gorgeously powerful.

Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)

Blemish Control Cool Peel ~ 60 mins

This powerful, empowering cool peel is the most affective way to deal with acne and blemish-prone or distressed skin. Unclog your pores and dissolve impurities to reveal your most beautiful you. The Blemish Control Cool Peel is a cleansing, purifying hero for calming problematic skin conditions.

Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)

Vibrant-C Micro Peel ~ 60 mins

Treat pigmentation and feel fantastic with this concentrated vitamin C-infused peel. Freshly mixed and packed with skincare super ingredients that are essential for the skin’s best function, the Vibrant-C Micro Peel helps to even the skin tone, revealing your healthiest complexion and give your skin the boost it needs.

Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)

Matis Facials

Matis Express Facial ~ 10 mins

Perfect for a bit of post-threading TLC, this gorgeous facial will cleanse, tone, express exfoliation and moisturise. Your skin will feel beautiful and fresh, ready for you to apply your make-up.


Matis Precis Facial ~ 30 mins

Make the most of your time with this revitalising mini-facial. You will enjoy a welcome massage, cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask and moisturise, leaving you feeling fantastic in no time at all.


Matis Expert Facial ~ 60 mins

Treat yourself to this deep-cleansing and nourishing facial and indulge in one hour of pure relaxation. You benefit from a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, steam and extraction, followed by a sumptuous face and neck massage. With skincare products tailored to your skin’s individual needs, your skin will feel nourished, revitalised, and energised.

Course of 6 Treatments £275 (saving £55)

Matis Teenage Healing Facial ~ 60 mins

Forget all about dull complexions with this nourishing and moisturising facial. You will be treated to a deep cleanse, gentle extraction and a healing mask. Whether you have dry, congested or combination skin, this facial will give you the bright, clear complexion you’re looking for.

Course of 6 Treatments £245 (saving £49)

Mens Facials

Men’s Deep Cleansing Expert Facial ~ 60 mins

Treat yourself to one hour of pure relaxation with this deep-cleansing and nourishing facial. Tailored to your skin’s individual needs, this treatment will leave you feeling handsome, sharp, and confident.

Course of 6 Treatments £275 (saving £55)

Men’s Essential Youth Reset ~60 mins

Recapture a youthful glow with very little effort. This facial is packed full of peptides and vitamins to soften the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and slackened skin.

Course of 6 Treatments £300 (saving £60)

Men’s Deep Cleansing Cool Peel ~60 mins

Look as handsome as a A-List celebrity. This cool peel treatment buffs and cleanses your skin to reveal you a smooth and healthy complexion. There is no downtime, so you will be Oscar-ready as soon as you leave.

Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)

Beard Cleansing Treatment ~ 20 mins

Add on to any facial treatment

Give your beard the TLC it deserves with this relaxing add-on. You benefit from the powers of a high-frequency, bacteria busting comb, Shampoo, Conditioner and Beard Oil Treatment. Plus, I will make sure your beard looks healthier than ever by checking for folliculitis and clearing out any blackheads.


Moustache Cleansing Treatment ~ 10 mins

Add on to any facial treatment

Sharpen up your moustache with this relaxing add-on and enjoy the powers of a high-frequency, bacteria busting comb. Combining a folliculitis check and blackhead extraction with a shampoo, conditioner and Moustache Wax, your Mo will look its best.

Treatment Types in This Category Single
Treatment Price
Course of 6
Course of 8
XSmall: Lip/Chin/Upper Cheeks/Centre & Sides of Brows/Ear Lobes £50 £250 £300

Small: Sides of Face/Lip & Chin/Forehead & Hairline/Full Cheeks /Hands & Fingers/Feet & Toes/Stomach Centre Line/Peranium/Jawline

£65 £325 £390
Medium: Underarms/Neck (front or back)/Standard or High Bikini £75 £375 £450

Medium-Large: Half Arms/ Brazilian/Full Face/ Full Stomach/Half Back/Full Buttocks/Flanks

£110 £550 £660
Large:Full Arms/ Half Leg/Hollywood/Shoulders £150 £750 £900
Extra Large:Full Leg/Full Back/Full Chest & Abdomen £260 £1300 £1560

Vascular Treatments – Superficial Red Vein Reduction

Area Individual Treatment Course of 3 Treatments Course of 6 Treatments
Extra Small £50 £125 £225
Small £75 £195 £350
Medium £110 £295 £550
Large/Clusters (10cm+) from £195 from £495 from £945

Pigmentation Treatments – Say Goodbye to Sun Damage

Area Individual Treatment Course of 3 Treatments Course of 6 Treatments
Hands £65 £175 £325
Cheeks £75 £195 £350
Full Face £110 £295 £550
Neck £95 £255 £480
Full Face & Neck £145 £375 £700
Chest & Décolleté £110 £295 £550


Price per single treatment

Course of 2 treatments



Infini Aquabooster 

Price per single treatment

Course of 2 treatments

Course of 4 treatments




Sunekos 200 

Price per single treatment

Course of 2 treatments

Course of 4 treatments





Microneedling for the Face ~ 90 mins £175
Course of 6 Treatments £875

(saving £175)

Microneedling for the Face & Neck ~ 90 mins £195
Course of 6 Treatments £975

(saving £195)

Microneedling for the Body – per area ~ 90 mins £175
Course of 6 Treatments £875

(saving £175)


A patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment for all clients who are having these treatments with me for the first time.

Eyebrow Tint £12
Eyelash Tint £16
Brow Lamination £49
Lash Lift (includes eyelash tint) £65


Full legs £30
Full legs & Bikini £44
Full leg & Brazilian £48
Full legs & Hollywood £54
Half Legs £18
Half Legs & Bikini £32
Half Legs & Brazilian £37
Half Legs & Hollywood £42
Bikini £22
Brazilian (Strip) £30
Eyebrow Shape £12
Lip £7
Chin £7
Lip & Chin £10
Full Face £26
Lycon Nostril Waxing £10
Lycon Ear Waxing £10
Lycon Nostril & Ear Waxing £15
Back Cleansing Treatment £49
Full Face Hair Lightning Treatment £30
Full Back Hair Lightning Treatment £30

Salt & Saline Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Salt & Saline Removal Treatment £65
Course of 3 Treatments £165

(saving £30)

Course of 6 Treatments £295

(saving £95)

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Incredible non-surgical skin tightening and rejuvenation for you if you’re worried about ageing, sun damage, acne scarring, loose skin or uneven skin tone.



Wonderful hair removal treatments to get silky smooth skin-fast.

“I had been drawing my brows in for years and they got even more sparse after having my children. I started doing my research a couple of years ago and read countless reviews of what felt like hundreds of different places that do microblading. I eventually chose to have a consultation with Nita. Although I was nervous, Nita’s professionalism and passion for her skill shone through and I felt so reassured I booked on the spot. I’m so happy I did, I couldn’t have chosen a more knowledgeable, skilled and thoroughly lovely lady to do my brows. Thank you so much Nita, I absolutely love them and it is fantastic to just be able wake up and go and not spend ages filling in all the gaps. I wish I had taken the plunge sooner!”


Nita is an excellent beauty therapist, very knowledgeable and helpful. My eyebrows are outstanding after having them threaded.


I honestly cannot thank Nita enough for the transformation she did on my brows! Was slightly nervous to have the microblading done but I’ve never felt so relaxed and I honestly trusted Nita that they would turn out perfect and they did! Everything was explained so well in the consultation and even on the day step by step Nita explained what she was doing and it just adds ease to the whole experience. I can’t thank you enough for my brows!


As a guy it’s always awkward to find a salon that makes you feel fully comfortable and do treatments to a high standard. I like going to Nita because she is very friendly and have years of knowledge. I went to Nita with dry skin and blackheads but came out looking like a new man with clean brows, nose, and skin. High recommend it!


I have been going to Nita for 10+years. Excellent with eyebrows/ laser treatments and facials.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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