14g 90mm Cannula with Pilot Needle x 10 for Butt Filler Treatment


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  • Gauge: 14g
  • Length: 90mm
  • Fits: All Luer Slip and Lock Syringes
  • Complete with Pilot Needle
  • Sterile, Single-Use

8 in stock


14g 90mm Cannula with Pilot Needle for Aesthetic Body Enhancement

Enhance the standard of your aesthetic services with our 14g 90mm Cannula, expertly designed for body contouring procedures such as Butt Filler and Hip Dip Augmentation. This tool is crucial for practitioners aiming to achieve precise and impactful results in aesthetic body treatments.

Robust and Reliable

Made from premium stainless steel, our Cannula ensures durability and reliable performance with every use. The 90mm length is specifically chosen to enhance reach and precision, facilitating effective treatments across larger body areas.

Sterile and Single-Use Design

Each Cannula is sterile and designed for single use to ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards. This commitment to quality helps prevent cross-contamination and enhances patient confidence in your practice.

Designed for Optimal Performance

Our cannulas are equipped with a pilot needle and feature a blunt tip design, significantly reducing the risk of tissue trauma and minimising discomfort. This advanced design promotes smoother injections and a more comfortable patient experience, resulting in higher satisfaction with the outcomes.

Precision and Ease of Use

The Cannula’s hub is crafted for compatibility with standard syringes, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection. This feature allows flawless control during the procedure and prevents wastage of expensive injectables, making it a cost-effective choice for your practice.

Ideal for Professionals in the Aesthetic Industry

Whether you are a seasoned expert or newly entering the field of aesthetic treatments, our 14g 90mm Cannula is indispensable for delivering superior results in body contouring. Incorporate this tool into your practice to provide enhanced comfort and satisfaction to your clients.

Order Now For Your Aesthetic Butt Filler & Hip Dip Procedures

By choosing our 14g 90mm Cannula, you invest in precision, quality, and efficiency. Experience the difference it makes in your aesthetic body treatments and see why it’s the preferred choice among professionals.



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