Plastic Female Luer Lock PRP Connector Syringe Fitting Adapter x 10


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Filler Splitter

Plastic Female Luer Lock PRP Connector Syringe Fitting Adapter x 10

Individually wrapped


5 in stock


Introducing our versatile Filler Splitter, the must-have tool for efficient filling procedures and mesotherapy cocktails. This Plastic Female Luer Lock PRP Connector Syringe Fitting Adapter, conveniently packaged in a set of 10, offers a secure and leak-free connection.

Designed to optimise your workflow, the Filler Splitter connects syringes to various filling devices, allowing for precise control and accurate delivery of fillers, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), and mesotherapy cocktails.

Each Filler Splitter is individually wrapped and sterile, ensuring safety and hygiene during procedures. With its reliable and clean design, you can confidently administer treatments, knowing that you are maintaining the highest standards of care.

Whether you specialise in cosmetic injections, PRP therapies, or mesotherapy cocktails, our Filler Splitter is an essential accessory for your practice. Enhance your efficiency, minimise wastage, and achieve exceptional results with this reliable connector adapter.

Invest in the Filler Splitter to streamline your filling procedures and expand the possibilities of your mesotherapy treatments. Elevate your practice and provide your clients with precise and safe applications. Order now and experience the convenience and versatility of our Filler Splitter.


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