Skin Bio-Armouring – does your skin need protection?

Bio Armouring is a newly developed, revolitionary technique that I use to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin by subtly lifting and increasing all over volume to the face, and brightening the skin. The way this non-surgical procedure works is by injecting small amounts of product into specific, strategic areas of the skin otherwise know as “liquid threads”. This product combined with the injection triggers a ‘healing’ response in your skin cells. Your body will work to produce skin cells, elastin and collagen, making your face plumper and washing away fine lines and wrinkles.

Bio Armouring lasts around one year, and is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Most people, despite a little swelling and tenderness initially, are well enough to go back to work the next day, or even the day of your appointment! You can see the beginning of the results immediately post-appointment, and amazingly, the effects will only improve for up to four months. After the four months is up, the skin cells, elastin and collagen will stop being produced but you will still be able to see the effects of the treatment for the rest of the year.

I recommend this treatment to my clients, as a preventative, corrective treatment if they feel they are starting to struggle with subtle sagging of the skin in the jowls, chin or cheek area as this is where you will see the biggest transformation. You will only need one session per year, and will see a transformation over a longer-term period of four months. The change is subtle and you will still look like you after the treatment. This treatment is about improving and correcting your concerns with anti-ageing subtly but retaining your individuality.

I offer this treatment for £250 for the face only and £400 for the face and neck. I am fully qualified for this treatment and am more than happy to show you my credentials upon request. Prior to treatment, we will have a consultation session where we discuss whether this is the right treatment to suit your specific aesthetic goals. If we both agree on this, then and only then, will we continue with the procedure.

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