Skin Bio Armouring or Profhilo?

Two different products that I have on offer are Skin Bio Armouring and Profhilo. These two products can initially seem extremely similar but in actual fact, the treatments are vastly different, from which clients I recommend either product to to the results at the end of the appointment.

Skin Bio Armouring is comparable to previously popular procedures such as Threads. The main difference is that with Skin Bio Armouring, there is hardly any downtime post-appointment as it is a non-surgical and less invasive option. Clients who chose this will have one appointment per year and be able to see the full results after four months. This is a real positive as the change takes place over a longer period and as a result seems more gradual and natural. This is a fairly economical option as well; while it is still a treat, only needing one appointment per year means that it becomes more affordable than other treatments. Profhilo, for example, needs two appointments, one for the main injections and then another a few weeks later for a top up. The full results are visible sooner though, at 4 weeks post appointment, and last just as long as Skin Bio Armouring.

One of the biggest differences between the two is the fact that Skin Bio Armouring offers more of a lift than Profhilo does. While the manufacturers say that Profhilo will lift your face, in my experience it is best used in conjunction with other treatments to hydrate and revitalise your face, whereas one of Skin Bio Armouring’s main benefits is the lifting aspect of the treatment.

That being said, if your goal is for more subtle, natural changes then Profhilo may be the way to go. Profhilo gives my clients fresher, more youthful looking skin which glows from within. It volumises gently in comparison with standard filler, or with Skin Bio Armouring which is amazing for my clients who are after a dramatic lift and more structure.

Clients wise, I would not recommend Profhilo for my younger patients. The goal is a more youthful appearance, so if you are under thirty then it isn’t necessary at this point. However, if you are over thirty then I would recommend this for you to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Of course, this advice is applicable only on a case by case basis, so during our consultation I may give you slightly different advice personally tailored to you and your skin. In comparison, Skin Bio Armouring is recommended for any age, but I will reiterate the importance of the consultation session.

I offer these treatments for the face only or for the face and neck.

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