Skin Bio Armouring: The Evolution of Threads

Thread Lifts are a really popular way of lifting the skin of the face. Nowadays, there is a newer option of Skin Bio Armouring thats is gaining popularity in the beauty community. Skin Bio Armouring uses the Threads technique, and has in fact been dubbed ‘Liquid Threads’, but is much less invasive for the client. This article should help you to understand the differences between the two, and make the right choice for you.

Thread Lifts and Skin Bio Armouring are both non-surgical options, and both have a long life, with Thread Lifts needing another appointment after 18 months and Skin Bio Armouring needing another after 12 months. The way that these procedures work is by pulling the skin back slightly with injections in the short term and provoking the body’s collagen production in the long term. These two results combine together to deliver a lifted transformation to the face. Clients look younger and more refreshed after the appointment.

One of the main differences between the two is that Skin Bio Armouring is less invasive. With Threads, clients need local anaesthetic; while this is not as invasive as a traditional face lift, it is still a little uncomfortable. Clients often need a day or two to recover, and that is without considering the possible bruising and swelling that often comes along with Threads. With Skin Bio Armouring, I only need to use a numbing cream in order to make the patient more comfortable. I have heard that the sensation is comparable to getting Anti-wrinkle, whereas Threads can be more painful and impactful on your week.

Another difference is that with the Skin Bio Armouring technique, my clients can see the beginning of their results immediately after the appointment. The skin is more hydrated and much plumper in comparison with the Threads, where often clients would have to wait several weeks before noticing results on the same level.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please reach out. Prior to any appointments we will have a consultation session in order to ensure that we are making the right choice for your specific beauty goals.

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