Skin Bio Armouring; Therapy for your Skin.

Skin Bio Armouring is a treatment for your skin aimed at stimulating natural collagen production to give your skin a boost. The product goes 1 mm into the skin, which is the second layer of the dermis, making this procedure more than skin deep. This treatment was curated to boost volume by stimulating collagen types from one to four.

The product that I always use is Neauvia Organic Stimulate, a very dense hybrid filler which is perfect for Skin Bio Armouring. I inject this product into very specific, strategic areas of the skin on the face and neck, prompting the skin to create skin cells, collagen and elastin at a much faster rate. This combined means that the skin is rejuvenated and tighter, making the client appear more youthful. Moreover, the collagen will continue to be produced for up to four months post-appointment, making Skin Bio-Armouring a long-lasting treatment. I recommend annual maintenance, but only one visit to me per year means that this treatment is a long-term solution.

I would recommend this treatment for my clients who are experiencing fine to moderate signs of ageing. While the Skin Bio Armouring technique can be used for reducing wrinkles, it is recommended by the manufacturer that those with saggier skin or advanced bone shrinkage do not choose this treatment. Some of the main benefits of this treatment are; reduced wrinkles lifted and illuminated skin and increased collagen production.

Skin Bio Armouring with me costs £250 for the face and £400 for the face and neck.

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