Today, I want to share a compelling and educational story about my client, Steven, a professional bodybuilder whose life was dramatically impacted by shingles, a virus often underestimated in its severity.

A Challenging Journey

Steven’s ordeal began in 2020 during a particularly stressful period, which unfortunately triggered a severe immune response. Imagine a scenario so intense that it resembled prosthetic makeup from a thriller film – that was the reality of Steven’s condition. His face, usually the picture of health due to his conscientious lifestyle, was marred by severe tissue and nerve damage. The diagnosis was slow, and by the time appropriate treatment commenced, the damage was extensive, leading to lasting scars and loss of sensation on the left side of his face and distorted vision in his right eye.

🚨 Trigger Warning: The Profound Impact of Shingles on Skin Health 🚨

You might think this is movie makeup. Wrong. This is the harsh reality of shingles.


The Road to Recovery

Returning to his carpentry career post-recovery was no less challenging. The lack of understanding and insensitive remarks from colleagues only worsened his mental health. Moreover, when the virus reemerged on the left side of his face 9 months later, it was a stark reminder of his ongoing battle. Thankfully, with immediate medical attention, this episode was less damaging but still left visible marks.

Innovative Treatment and Recovery

Fast-forward to today, and Steven has not only recovered but has also undergone a transformative treatment in our clinic. We chose a gentle yet effective approach involving fibre separation with a blunt-tipped cannula and Neauvia Stimulate for Men, a Biostimulator that enhances collagen and elastin production while hydrating and brightening the skin. This treatment, costing £295 per session, offers a youthful glow without resorting to invasive procedures like dermal fillers.

Before and After: A Picture of Success

Below, you’ll find before and after photos taken 24 hours post-treatment. While some bruising is evident, the improvement is undeniable. Steven’s deep folds have softened, preserving his unique character while restoring symmetry and balance to his facial features.

Before & After Neavia Stimulate Biostimulator

Notice the profound improvement.

True beauty lies in character, enhanced here with just a subtle touch.


Why This Matters

This journey underscores the importance of caring for our physical health and understanding stress’s profound effects on our well-being. Our clinic provides treatments that respect and enhance natural beauty, aiming for noticeable yet conservative results for those who want it. 

I encourage anyone on their anti-ageing journey to consider this treatment. It’s safe, effective, and a favourite among our clients for its noticeable improvements and minimal downtime. Remember, with regular care, preserving your natural beauty and delaying more invasive procedures is possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Steven’s journey. We hope it inspires and educates on the importance of comprehensive skincare and wellness. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your skincare needs, do not hesitate to reach out on 020 8440 8893 or book a consultation online on