MD Codes – a Brief Explanation.

MD Codes are a set of predefined areas in the face where dermal fillers can be injected to create a natural result. By pinpointing these predefined areas as places to focus on, they affect and improve the appearance of the whole face. This is a subtle and natural look which will elevate you to a whole new level.

While MD Codes cover the entire face, they pinpoint smaller areas on the cheeks, eyes, temples, chin, jawline, forehead, brows, and lips. There are 75 different codes on the face which create this sophisticated and effective treatment. This also means that each treatment is unique for each patient – no longer does one size fit all. This is a bespoke experience!

Here are the eight areas which this treatment focuses on….

1&2. Cheekbones & Towards Temple

Volume in the cheekbones gives a youthful definition to the face. The first two steps of the facelift are in the cheeks, one in the cheekbones and one higher up towards the temples.

3. Under Eyes

The third point the facelift focuses on is the tear troughs, or undereye area. Volume loss in this area gives a tired appearance, but after focusing on this area the patient comes out looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Smile Lines

Nasolabial Folds, sometimes called smile lines, deepen as you age. Over time, and loss of volume in the face, they appear more like folds than lines when your face is in a neutral position.

5. Mouth

A major area for volume loss in the face is the corners of the mouth. These droop naturally over time and give an appearance of sadness. You may notice lipstick can bleed into the folds, which is a sign of facial volume loss.

6. Pre-Jowl Area

Jowls are a common issue for patients, as over time your face begins to droop and cause hollowing and sagginess at the chin. You may notice loose skin and drooping under the mouth.

7. Jawline

As we age, we lose definition and volume in this area as we naturally lose a lot of soft tissue over time. MD Codes help to redefine and shape this area so that you look younger, and the face is fuller.

8. Lower-Mid Face Volume

Over time, cheeks naturally lose their fullness and become hollow. With MD Codes, the small amounts of filler strategically injected into the patient’s face can make their cheeks fuller and more youthful while retaining a natural and subtle look.

This eight-point facelift is a fantastic way to rejuvenate, beautify and refresh my clients. It improves and rejuvenates the appearance of your skin, melting away wrinkles and defining the contours while plumping the cheeks. MD Codes are a well-respected, effective and, most importantly, safe way to reclaim your glow. Get in touch with my PA Courtney today for a consultation on 020 8440 8893.

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