The simple, effective and long lasting facelift you have been searching for…

Skin Bio Armouring is a revolutionary technique which rejuvenates and lifts the face. It is a non-surgical practice which means that it is as minimally invasive as possible for my clients. The way it works is through injections in the face and/or the neck, depending on your goals. These injections target the lower levels of the skin, meaning that the end result is more than the surface level; this treatment permeates the lower levels of the skin and truly transforms sagging skin or a tired appearance.

The product that I always use for my patients is Neauvia Organic Stimulate which is, in my view, the best product on the market for Skin Bio Armouring. It is specifically designed with ageing skin in mind, meaning that it is unlikely that your increasingly delicate, thin, the skin will have a negative reaction to this product. This filler is long lasting and durable, meaning that most people only need another appointment after one year. This makes the treatment easy to maintain for my clients.

Skin Bio Armouring is not currently a technique that is widely on offer from most aesthetic consultants. I have gone through extensive training so I am fully qualified and would be more than happy to show you proof of my qualifications upon request. As this is currently a more specialised service, I can walk you through all of the specifics and answer any questions in our pre-appointment consultation. You may not be as familiar with this technique as with traditional Anti-wrinkle for example, but it is becoming increasingly popular in the aesthetic and beauty community. This is why I decided to complete my training for this treatment – it is about to revolutionise the market and I always want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new treatments.

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