Tradition meets modernity with Profhilo

One of my newest treatments, Profhilo, has a basis in traditional Chinese medicine. The injection points on the face are known as Biologically Active Points (BAP). These points are in the cheeks, jawline, cheekbones, nose, and chin, so five on each side and ten in total. These BAPs have been used for thousands of years in massage, acupuncture and moxibustion. While Profhilo does not have the same healing effect as these techniques, the places it is injected into are well known to be powerful places of healing on the body. This is a safe place for injection, away from arteries or glands.

Profhilo is injected 1 mm into the middle layer of the skin. I use 0.2 ml of product on each Biologically Active Point. As this is a fairly small amount in each BAP, the filler will focus really specifically on the areas in which I place it. The filler will subtly change the face, rehydrating and plumping. Profhilo is not a product that lifts, so if that is what you are looking for, then I have other treatments available. The main goal of Profhilo is a soft, natural rejuvenation. You can access a glow from within your skin, and you will appear more youthful.

I would recommend this product to my clients who are around or over thirty and are looking for a subtle way to smooth out fine lines and achieve a youthful glow. This product is best for clients who have mild to moderate wrinkles as it may not achieve a lift, but instead, it will moisturise and rehydrate the skin. I love this treatment as it only takes two sessions of 20 minutes each to complete, and the results last up to a year depending on aftercare.

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