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An advanced facial treatment is an hour to an hour and a half long relaxing experience designed to revitalise your skin – to make you look and feel more youthful by combating lines and sun damage, scarring, acne and pigmentation.

Turn back the clock, regain your glow, and liven up your tired and dull skin with a facial unlike any you’ve experienced before.

I only use the best active exfoliants, serums and masks from Environ: the industry’s leading brand. These contain a rich concoction of vitamins and minerals your skin needs. We combine this with low-frequency sound waves and a mild, tingly electrical pulsed current so that you can be sure that the vitamins and minerals are absorbed deeper into the skin. We consistently see outstanding results with this fantastic treatment!

To relax

We want you to feel relaxed throughout your treatment. So, while you lie back and close your eyes, I’ will start with a welcome massage for your shoulders, neck and head.

To cleanse

We will then put your skin through a thorough cleansing process to ensure that it is ready to be nourished and nurtured by my facial treatment.

First, we massage the Environ Pre-Cleanser into the skin of your face and décolletage. This will ensure that it is clear and free of all oils, dirt and make-up residue. I ask that clients arrive with no make-up on for their treatment. However, we will still use the Environ eye make-up remover because wewant to make sure that the area around your eyes is as clean as it can possibly be.

Next, we use the Environ Micro-Exfoliator cream to exfoliate the skin. We massage it in with a gentle application of steam to remove all of those troublesome dead skin cells, warm up your skin and encourage greater blood flow to the area. This will ensure that you are fully prepared for the treatment goodness to come.

The steam has one more important role to play, as it softens blackheads, making them easier to remove as part of our treatment preparation.

To prepare

Now that you’re truly relaxed and your skin is clean and ready for our facial treatment, I will use an Environ Cleansing Gel to remove all trace of the clay mask and pre-cleanser. Then, we will apply Environ Toner Forte, which is used to restore your skin’s natural pH levels to those optimal for our active vitamin facial treatment.

To treat

Depending on the treatment you have selected, we may follow this with an additional peel. Then, you will be ready for the active part of your facial.

To ensure the deepest penetration of our gels and serums during our facials, we use the Environ DF machine to apply them. The probe is used to massage them into your skin while emitting low frequency sound waves and small electrical pulses which, combined with your cleansed skin and increased blood flow ensures the very best results possible.

Each small area of your skin will be treated for between 5 and 15 seconds before moving on to the next and every inch of your face will be treated.


Environ Active Vitamin Facial

Experience the transformative power of our Environ Active Vitamin Facial, now offering a personalised approach to skincare. Book your session and indulge in a treatment where the facial serums are expertly customised to meet your skin’s unique needs. We assess your skin’s condition and tailor the treatment to provide the best possible results, ensuring that each facial is as unique as you are. This luxurious peptide and vitamin-packed facial not only turns back the clock by softening the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and sagging skin but also elevates your beauty regimen to a new level of excellence. Achieve the gorgeous, youthful appearance you’ve been seeking and let your skin radiate its very best.

Essential Youth Reset Facial ~ 60 mins £70
Course of 6 Treatments £350 (saving £70)
Advanced Youth Reset Facial & Neck Treatment ~ 80 mins £90
Course of 6 Treatments £450 (saving £90)

Environ Radiance Reveal

Discover the exceptional benefits of the Environ Radiance Reveal Facial, our best-selling treatment that encompasses all the features of the Active Vitamin Facial with an added boost. Book your appointment to experience this custom-tailored facial, where our experts will select serums specifically suited to your skin’s needs. The highlight of this facial is a gentle, yet powerful mini peel designed to deepen the cleansing process, stimulate the regeneration of healthy new cells, and enhance the penetration of active vitamins into your skin’s layers.

This non-aggressive peel ensures no downtime, only a radiant glow and visibly improved skin tone. Particularly effective for sun-damaged or pigmented skin, this luxurious facial leaves you feeling radiant and your absolute best. Embrace the glow and see the difference with our Environ Radiance Reveal Facial.

Essential Radiance Reveal Facial ~ 60 mins £75
Course of 6 Treatments £375 (saving £75)
Advanced Radiance Reveal & Neck Treatment ~ 80 mins £95
Course of 6 Treatments £475 (saving £95)

Matis Facials

Indulge in the ultimate skincare experience with our Matis Expert Facial, a luxurious manual treatment designed to provide a fantastic glow and deep relaxation. This indulgent facial includes a head, neck, and face massage, offering an hour of pure tranquillity and pampering. Tailored to cater to all ages, we have incorporated teenage facials into this exquisite treatment. While utilising the same high-quality product range, the Matis Expert Facial for teenagers focuses more on extraction (if required for congested skin) and less on massage, ensuring effective and targeted care for youthful skin. For adults, the facial offers a comprehensive journey of rejuvenation, including a deep cleanse, tone, exfoliation, steam, and extraction, culminating in a sumptuous face and neck massage. Each facial is customised with skincare products that meet your skin’s needs, leaving your skin feeling nourished, revitalised, and energised. Treat yourself to the Matis Expert Facial and embrace a world of relaxation and radiant skin.

Expert Facial ~ 60 mins £70
Course of 6 Treatments £350 (saving £70)

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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.