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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal


Eyebrow Tattoo Removal


Eyebrow Tattoo Removal: Your solution for skin that is saturated with pigment and unable to accept any more Microblading treatments.

If you have had many Microblading treatments in the past and your skin is full of pigment, or if you have previously had bad work that you would like to forget about, these treatments may be for you.

When you have a Microblading or semi-permanent make-up treatment, the pigment does not fully leave your skin. Your skin can only take so much and so eventually, it will no longer accept any more. When you combine this with the pigment altering and becoming translucent over time, it can cause your procedures to look distorted or make them just not last as long as they used to.

Think of a jar full of clear and opaque marbles. If you try to add colourful marbles on top, they will just spill over! So, what you really need then is for someone to come and take some of those marbles out so that you can fill your jar with fresh, colourful ones!

This is exactly what the removal treatments do. They give your skin the fresh start it needs so that it can see the full benefits of the Microneedling treatment once again.

Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Consultation & Patch Test £25

Should you decide to book a treatment within 1 month, your £25 consultation fee is redeemable against your Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Treatment.

Area Per Treatment Course of 3 Treatments
Eyebrows £75 £199 saving £26

The Apollo Saturn II Laser Tattoo Removal system aids the removal, fade, or significant lightening of the semi-permanent make-up, helping you to improve the appearance and having a new procedure in the future. The results are fantastic, with noticeable results from your first treatment.

Using the NDYag laser, I can safely target your semi-permanent make-up to make and can safely treat Fitzpatrick skin types 1-5

Please note: It is important that you have a good skincare regime and wear daily SPF.

The purpose of this treatment is to achieve cosmetic improvements in the appearance of the semi-permanent make up using Laser light to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Reduction of the pigment may not be 100% and multiple treatments may be necessary based on the unique skin type.

The Treatment Process

This treatment is for unwanted semi-permanent make-up only. For any other conditions, please refer to your GP.

On the day of your treatment, the area to be treated will be marked out with a white pencil and a gel will not be required to perform this treatment.

The NDYag laser emits a prescribed dose of energy to the pigmented area. This dose is based on your skin type, and you will be patch tested on a small area prior to the first treatment for your safety.

The Apollo Saturn II handpiece will fire ultrashort pulses on the NDYag laser setting onto the pigmented area. These pulses shatter the pigment into very minute particles, which the body then eliminates using its natural healing processes. Thereby clearing these pigment for good.

You will feel a very short sharp heat sensation during the procedure, which most clients report is of very little pain. Redness or swelling may occur, but this should last for only a day. The area will change/darken in colour, which is nothing to worry about, and gives indication of an effective treatment.

The area will further darken over the days following your treatment, and you may find it becomes dry, buffing away over the following weeks, leaving behind a clearer appearance of the skin.

You will be able to resume most of your normal activities immediately.

How many Treatments will I need?

For the best results, you will typically need 3-6 treatments. You may notice clear results from the first treatment, but each case is unique. Treatment time varies depending on the size of the affected area and the depth of the implanted pigment. Treatment time is usually between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

Salt & Saline Removal

Salt & Saline Removal Treatment £65
Course of 3 Treatments £165 (saving £30)
Course of 6 Treatments £295 (saving £95)

The Salt and Saline Removal is a gentle form of removal to the brow area. It does not differentiate between ink and pigment; black and blue. Therefore, this makes it a great alternative to help you to remove all kinds of semi-permanent tattoos. It is a quick and easy process that is gentle on the skin, heals quickly and has had some excellent results.

The process

I begin the process in the same way I would any traditional semi-permanent make-up treatment. I use a device to puncture the top layer of your skin.Then, I apply salt paste to your skin. This pulls the pigment to the top layer of your skin so that it can be exfoliated away once healed. For the best results, between three and six treatments will be required. Please be patient, as the pigment is removed gently over multiple treatments. Once the required treatments are complete and the skin has healed, I will be able to re-apply beautiful, new Microblading pigment to the treated area.

Please note: Clients are asked to have a realistic expectation of the removal treatment as this treatment does not remove all pigment from your skin, and it may not be ideal for all skin types.  I cannot determine what has been used on the skin in the past, so results may vary. Every client’s skin is different, as a result, there are no guarantees that the treatment will be successful. The Salt and Saline Removal is not suitable for those with excessive scar tissue. Please contact me for more information and to discuss whether the treatment may be a good solution for you.

What would stop me from having these treatments?

You may not have this treatment should any of the following apply:

    • You are taking autoimmune drugs
    • You have compromised immune system/an immunosuppressive condition
    • Uncontrolled Diabetes 
    • Acute or chronic renal failure/Kidney problems
    • You are taking any medications that may your skin light sensitive or photosensitive. These types of medications chemically induce a change in your skin and can cause reactions when exposed to UV rays.
    • You must be off retinoids for a minimum two weeks prior to treatment and all throughout your sessions. Wait to be completely healed from your laser treatments before getting back onto retinoids.
    • Anticoagulants (blood thinners)
    • History of keloids
    • History of infections
    • Pregnant or nursing
    • Active infection, cold sores, or open lacerations in the area being treated
    • Skin cancer
    • Abnormal moles

Salt & Saline Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Salt & Saline Removal Treatment £65
Course of 3 Treatments £165

(saving £30)

Course of 6 Treatments £295

(saving £95)

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.