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Men’s Treatments


Men’s Treatments


Men’s Treatments

As we age and our hormone levels change, it can leave our eyebrows looking sparse. That is why taking care of your brows helps to recapture a youthful look and leaves you feeling fantastic.

With over 22 years of experience in threading, I am North London’s brow master. There is a science to creating the perfect, natural-looking brow. I use the dimensions and bone structure of your face to ensure that you get the ideal position, size and shape. When I couple this with my natural, artistic flair, you can be sure you’ll leave me looking and feeling your best.

I tackle eyebrows from a holistic approach. Threading gives you a clean, beautiful shape. Brow lamination tames unruly and coarse eyebrow hairs. Tinting darkens the brows and fills them out from root to tip where the hairs can become translucent or grey in colour. For your permanent make-up solution, I am also a specialist in microblading, which gives sparse eyebrows a fuller, youthful appearance.

As well as this, I also offer the popular lash lift treatment, which is a great alternative for those not wanting eyelash extensions but wanting to bring out the natural beauty of their lashes. It emphasises the eyes by curling and fanning out the eyelashes beautifully to give them a longer and fuller appearance. A lash tint is also included with this treatment to deepen the colour and make those eyes sparkle. This semi-permanent treatment lasts up to 8 weeks and is kinder to the eyelashes than extensions.

If you’d like to book an appointment or find out more about Brow & Lash Treatments, call me today on 0208 440 8893

Mens Treatments

Whether you are getting ready for a special occasion, heading to a big night out, going on that hot date, or attending an important business meeting, my range of treatments that are tailored specifically for men are perfect for you. They will make you look and feel more handsome and youthful, whilst giving you the opportunity to escape from the stresses of daily life.

Feel a tremendous sense of wellbeing, relaxation, and renewal, when you reward yourself with the pampering you deserve, giving you the boost that you have been looking for.


All of my Men’s Facial Treatments are designed to be effective, active, and relaxing, leaving you energised and refreshed, both physically and mentally. I tailor each facial to target your individual skin concerns, maximise skin cell regeneration, boost circulation and relax you. This is great for tackling ageing, dehydrated, congested or dull skin and tired eyes.

No need to worry about shaving your beard when booking in for a facial with me, as I offer a thorough Beard and Moustache Cleansing Add-On Treatment for any facial in my range to give you a unique and holistic treatment. You will leave looking sharp and feeling clean. I can help you put your best beard forward!

Monthly Facial Treatments will maintain a healthy skincare routine and keep your skin fresh and youthful.

I will also advise you on how to get into a good daily skincare regime according to your skin type to maintain your best you at home.


There are two types of waxing systems that I use: Strip Waxing for larger areas such as Back and Chest Wax Treatments, and Lycon Hot Waxing System for the more sensitive areas of your face.

My waxing treatments are tough on hair but gentle on the skin. You can rest assured that with my years of waxing experience, you will receive a first-class treatment from start to finish.

Check out my IPL treatments for a more permanent solution to your unwanted fur and fuzz.

Please note: I do not offer Male Intimate Waxing Treatments.

Men’s Brow Treatments

If you already regularly trim your facial hair and beard, why would you forget about your eyebrows? They are one of the most important features of your face. A good pair of brows will make you look sharp and dapper, so it Is good to give them some attention, too!

It can be challenging to achieve clean & flattering eyebrows that are clearly divided, even in length and mostly symmetrical when doing them yourself at home. It is also easy to make mistakes when doing them yourself. This is where I can help. I have years of experience and an expert technique and process which achieves awesome brows every time.

Wild and bushy eyebrows flatter no man, but overplucked and over shaped eyebrows are also not a good look. Striking a balance, tailored to suit your individual features will make you feel more handsome and youthful and bring out the charm in those eyes.

It is important to be aware of style and shape. Whilst ladies often change the shape of their brows, gents tend to look best with a more natural finish.

To keep the appearance more natural and masculine, it is important to be mindful when grooming and removing hair.

Important: Never shave your eyebrows at home, as this will result in blunt, rough ends that will grow back quickly.

The Process

There are several different grooming options I offer for your brows. Whether I pluck your eyebrows with tweezers, thread, or use the Lycon waxing system depend on your preference for the eyebrows and your tolerance for discomfort. Do not worry! I will make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

I always start with brushing the brows and trimming the hairs that are longer than the rest, also trimming any weight from the brows if necessary. This will automatically give a neater appearance. It is important not to trim too much as it can alter the shape.

Next, I carefully wax and/or thread between the brows to clearly divide them, whilst always mindful not to make this gap too wide, as it can displace the appearance of the eyes.

Using threading or waxing to gently tidy up between the brow and hairline and underneath the brow area, I will shape them according to your preference.

To finish, I will check through to ensure you have good symmetry before cleaning over the brows and applying an aftercare gel or cream to soothe the skin.

Combine your brows with an ear & nostril tidy up and upper cheek wax with the Lycon system to get an optimal clean finish.

The results of threading or waxing will last the same and are dependent on your individual hair cycle and lifestyle. You may find that if you have a continually active lifestyle, go to the gym or do sports, your hair may grow back quicker. I recommend coming in for your maintenance treatments every 2-3 weeks to keep you looking neat and sharp.

Men’s Lash & Brow Tinting

For eyebrows and lashes that are fair, why not enhance them with a subtle Lash or Brow Tint Treatment to bring out the charm in those eyes?

If you would like to discuss any of the Men’s Treatments further, please call me on 020 8440 8893 or email, where I will be happy to through it all with you.

Chest Wax £30
Back Wax £30
Shoulder Wax £20
Full Arms Wax £28
Lower Arms Wax £16
Upper Arms Wax £18
Chest & Back Wax £49
Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms Wax £49
Chest, Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms Wax £59
Chest, Back, Shoulders & Full Arms Wax £69
Flanks £20
Eyebrow Threading/Wax £12
Upper Cheeks Waxing £7
Upper Cheeks & Over the Nose Waxing £10
Lycon Nostril Waxing £10
Lycon Ear Waxing £10
Lycon Nostril & Ear Waxing £15
Eyebrow Shape, Cheeks & Nose, Nostril & Ear Waxing £30
Eyebrow Tint £12
Eyelash Tint £16
Back Cleansing Treatment £49

Men’s Deep Cleansing Expert Facial ~ 60 mins

Treat yourself to one hour of pure relaxation with this deep-cleansing and nourishing facial. Tailored to your skin’s individual needs, this treatment will leave you feeling handsome, sharp, and confident.

Course of 6 Treatments £245 (saving £49)

Men’s Essential Youth Reset ~60 mins

Recapture a youthful glow with very little effort. This facial is packed full of peptides and vitamins to soften the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and slackened skin.

Course of 6 Treatments £295 (saving £59)

Men’s Deep Cleansing Cool Peel ~60 mins

Look as handsome as a A-List celebrity. This cool peel treatment buffs and cleanses your skin to reveal you a smooth and healthy complexion. There is no downtime, so you will be Oscar-ready as soon as you leave.

Course of 6 Treatments £345 (saving £69)

Beard Cleansing Treatment ~ 20 mins

Add on to any facial treatment

Give your beard the TLC it deserves with this relaxing add-on. You benefit from the powers of a high-frequency, bacteria busting comb, Shampoo, Conditioner and Beard Oil Treatment. Plus, I will make sure your beard looks healthier than ever by checking for folliculitis and clearing out any blackheads.


Moustache Cleansing Treatment ~ 10 mins

Add on to any facial treatment

Sharpen up your moustache with this relaxing add-on and enjoy the powers of a high-frequency, bacteria busting comb. Combining a folliculitis check and blackhead extraction with a shampoo, conditioner and Moustache Wax, your Mo will look its best.


As a guy it’s always awkward to find a salon that makes you feel fully comfortable and do treatments to a high standard. I like going to Nita because she is very friendly and have years of knowledge. I went to Nita with dry skin and blackheads but came out looking like a new man with clean brows, nose, and skin. High recommend it!


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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