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Lymphatic drainage massage

Revitalising Wellness & Body Contouring Therapy 

We are delighted to offer our exclusive LDM/MLD lymphatic drainage massage, a key component of our wellness and body contouring services. This treatment transcends traditional stress relief; it’s a comprehensive approach to wellness. Our gentle yet effective therapy is designed to detoxify your body, soothe your mind, and contribute to a slimmer appearance by reducing water retention.

The LDM/MLD therapy is more than just a massage; it’s a step towards total wellness and beauty. It’s especially effective for those aiming to achieve their body contouring goals, offering noticeable results in shaping and toning the body. Our specialised, light-pressure massage technique is intentionally crafted to stimulate the lymphatic system, enhancing the body’s natural detoxification process and improving overall health.

Our team of skilled therapists is committed to creating a serene and nurturing environment. We personalise each session to your unique needs and invite you to discuss any specific areas of concern during your consultation. This individualised approach ensures your experience is comfortable and targets your specific wellness goals.

Why Choose LDM/MHD Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

  1. Holistic Wellness: Our treatment extends beyond standard massages, focusing on your well-being, including mental relaxation and detoxification.
  2. Slimming and Toning: Benefit from the slimming effects of our treatment, aiding in reducing water retention and enhancing body contours.
  3. Expert Care: Our friendly and professional therapists are trained to offer a comforting and effective treatment, ensuring you leave feeling rejuvenated.
  4. Customised Experience: We adapt our massage techniques to your requirements, focusing on areas you wish to improve.

Benefits of Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

  • Stress Relief: A tranquil retreat that reduces stress, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed.
  • Detoxifying Effects: Boosts the body’s natural detox process, promoting a sense of physical purity.
  • Body Contouring: Assists in achieving your body-shaping objectives by helping reduce lymphedema and fluid retention.

Understanding the Lymphatic System:

Our therapy targets explicitly the lymphatic system, a vital part of your immune system. This network of vessels plays a crucial role in disposing of bodily waste, which is essential in maintaining your health and vitality.

We are here to guide you if you’re ready to begin a relaxation, detoxification, and body contouring journey. For more information or to book your session, please get in touch with our team or schedule online. Allow us to assist you in achieving your wellness and beauty goals with our transformative LDM/MLD lymphatic drainage massage.


Lymphatic Drainage Session


30 mins


60 mins